Selected May Posts From Politix



This Marijuana Game Was Just Pulled From iTunes. And It’s Not the Only App to Make Trouble.

This Lawyer is Going on a Hunger Strike to Protect You From Snooping Employers

This Ultra Skinny Mannequin Has Been Removed from a NYC Store After Public Outcry

Network TV Finally Has an Asian-American Sitcom. Here’s a Sneak Peek.

Here are 13 Actors We Bet You’ll Recognize But Can’t Name

Gamers Are More Libertarian Than the Rest of Us. Does This Partly Explain Hostility to Techies?

Are Progressives Better Off Allying With ‘the CEOs’ Than Techies?

For Teens, Summer Jobs Are Out. And Internships In.

Selected April Posts From Politix



Ladies’ Home Journal, Metal Edge, and Other Mags That’ve Gone Extinct

Burning Man is Moving in Directly Next Door to Bundy Ranch

What Do Your Looks Have to Do With Your Political Views? A Lot, Actually.

New York City is Turning Little Kids Into Clubbers

Glenn Beck is the Latest Top Conservative to Join the Texas-Based Movie Biz

These Dead and Abandoned Malls Show Just How Much Our Shopping Experience Has Changed

Tiny ‘Smart Cars’ Are Getting Flipped Over in San Francisco. Is it the Latest Wealth Backlash?

Here’s How Popular Kids Actually Have it Worse Than Loners and Nerds

Also, my super light read over at Thought Catalog:

10 Movies From the 90s That Should be Streaming on Netflix (And Have No Excuse Not to be)



Selected March Posts From Politix



Really Though? Nearly Half of Young Men Have Been Sexually Coerced.

Americans Prefer Cities to Suburbs, Says This Big City Mayor

Study Claims Blacks Suffer for Being Friends With Whites

Is the Internet to Blame for the Demise of the School Dance?

Chinese-American Groups in California are Outraged Over the Revival of Affirmative Action

White Belly Dancers are Racist, Complains Salon Writer

Check Out These 14 Ridiculously Outdated Websites

Americans are Volunteering Less Than They Used To


Selected February Posts From Politix


Bitcoin is for Privileged White Dudes, Claims Progressive

Wait, What? Women in the Army Have Almost No Interest in Combat Roles.

Who Chooses Assisted Suicide? Atheists, the Rich, Women, and the Educated.

All the Cool Cities Have the Worst Income Inequality

Clarence Thomas: Society is Too Sensitive About Race

Shutdown Blues? Yea, Right. DC Residents are the Most Optimistic About the Economy.

It’s Now a Federal Crime for you to Attend a Dog Fight

Seinfeld Reveals His Preference for Color-Blind Humor. Progressives Aren’t Laughing.

Selected January Posts From Politix

Running Man Maria Conchita Alonso


Obama Just Angered Art History Majors Everywhere

Sears, Target, and All Your Other Favorite Stores are Facing Certain Doom. Except Online.

This Actress Dropped Out of a Play Because People Can’t Stand Her Conservatism

Rich People Even Have Better Sex. Especially if They’re Women.

Leaving Your Child Alone in the Car for 5 Minutes is Criminal, Says New Jersey

Is the ‘Tide Rising’ for Libertarians? Probably Not.

FOX Host Claims Nigerians are Pick-Pockets, Iranians Torture Their Kids

US Prison Admissions Hit Two-Decade Low