Selected March Posts From Politix



Really Though? Nearly Half of Young Men Have Been Sexually Coerced.

Americans Prefer Cities to Suburbs, Says This Big City Mayor

Study Claims Blacks Suffer for Being Friends With Whites

Is the Internet to Blame for the Demise of the School Dance?

Chinese-American Groups in California are Outraged Over the Revival of Affirmative Action

White Belly Dancers are Racist, Complains Salon Writer

Check Out These 14 Ridiculously Outdated Websites

Americans are Volunteering Less Than They Used To


Selected February Posts From Politix


Bitcoin is for Privileged White Dudes, Claims Progressive

Wait, What? Women in the Army Have Almost No Interest in Combat Roles.

Who Chooses Assisted Suicide? Atheists, the Rich, Women, and the Educated.

All the Cool Cities Have the Worst Income Inequality

Clarence Thomas: Society is Too Sensitive About Race

Shutdown Blues? Yea, Right. DC Residents are the Most Optimistic About the Economy.

It’s Now a Federal Crime for you to Attend a Dog Fight

Seinfeld Reveals His Preference for Color-Blind Humor. Progressives Aren’t Laughing.

Selected January Posts From Politix

Running Man Maria Conchita Alonso


Obama Just Angered Art History Majors Everywhere

Sears, Target, and All Your Other Favorite Stores are Facing Certain Doom. Except Online.

This Actress Dropped Out of a Play Because People Can’t Stand Her Conservatism

Rich People Even Have Better Sex. Especially if They’re Women.

Leaving Your Child Alone in the Car for 5 Minutes is Criminal, Says New Jersey

Is the ‘Tide Rising’ for Libertarians? Probably Not.

FOX Host Claims Nigerians are Pick-Pockets, Iranians Torture Their Kids

US Prison Admissions Hit Two-Decade Low

Selected December Posts From Politix



This Gay Feminist Called the Outrage at Duck Dynasty Star ‘Utterly Fascist’

Journalists: Yes, the Media Has a Liberal Bias

Federal Workers’ Job Satisfaction Hits an All-Time Low

The Vast Majority of Gun Deaths are From Suicide, Not Homicide

Protestors Stop Google Bus in San Francisco, Blame its Employees for Rising Rents

These Workers Get the Biggest Tips…

California Jails See Spike in Violence After State Prisoners Move In

Gay Teen is the Latest Victim of ‘Knockout’ Attack. And Now HE’s Being Punished.

Also, my piece at Medium:

In Praise of the Gifted but Credential-Deprived High School Dropout

Selected November Posts From Politix

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 5.48.34 PM

Walmart Workers Plan Massive Black Friday Protests

Americans in 1959 Were WAY More Pro-Gun Control

Obama’s Administration is Compared to the Stalin Regime

Airlines, and Their Passengers, Have a Problem with ‘Emotional Support’ Dogs

6% of Chicago’s Population is Involved with 70% of its Homicides

That Elusive Centrist Voter Basically Doesn’t Exist

Servants Are Back Again Like the Gilded Age Never Went Out of Style

Women Actually Earn More Than Men. If They’re Part-Time.

Selected October Posts From Politix



Obamacare ‘Brosurance’ Ad Called ‘Cringeworthy’

Is Big Business Fed Up with Grassroots Republicans?

Study: Media Coverage of Shutdown Overwhelmingly Biased Against GOP

Men to Blame for DC Gridlock, Says DNC Chairwoman

Are Americans Actually Becoming More Conservative?

Conservatives More Upset by Online Insults Than Liberals

Alabama, South Carolina Will Stop Segregating HIV-Positive Prisoners 

Construction Worker Called a ‘Sissy’ Wins Sexual Discrimination Suit

Selected September Posts From Politix



Does ‘Breaking Bad’ Threaten to Normalize Meth Use?

‘Truckers to Shut Down America’ Plan General Strike for October 11th

China Forces Blogger to Denounce Evils of Internet

Matthew Shepard Not Killed for Being Gay, Writes Gay Author

NPR Asks: Why is Craft Brewing Such a White Thing?

Actor Claims Hollywood Apathy on Syria Partly Race-Based

Will Everyone Soon Have to be an Entrepreneur?

Kidnappers More Likely Than Other Offenders to Commit Suicide


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